We are extremely proud of the products we offer at eleven2, and the level of service we offer our customers. Over time, we have had many great reviews written about us. Here is what a small selection of customer testimonials saying exactly what they think about us. If you want to write a review about us submit it below


We have been with Eleven2 for almost 6 months now and are incredibly happy with the amazing servers and professional support they have! Not once have we had any major issues with Eleven2, they are a class of their own. We are more than proud to say that we are hosted with Eleven2!

Matthew Rorke★★★★

Eleven2 is very well priced for the commercial environment, as a contracted web developer I find that all of the E2 packages fit perfectly with the needs of the companies I do contracts for and that in the unlikely event of there being a missing feature, the 24/7 technical support is always extremely helpful in assisting me in a timely manner. The e2Panel looks very neat and a much more professional alternative to cPanel’s original style.

Well Water Design★★★★★

Eleven2 has been the only hosting company that I have used that I don’t have to worry about issues cutting into my daily workflow or causing me to stop work on my client projects. Because of the many years of great service they have provided me on my personal sites, I have made them my exclusive hosting partner with my web design company Well Water Design.

If a client doesn’t already have a hosting account, I get them signed up with Eleven2. If they are with another company, I do everything I can to encourage them to switch to Eleven2. And with the amazing ‘BRAIN’, having your domain and hosting in one easy to manage location couldn’t be nicer. They are that good.

Mike A★★★★★

I recently bought hosting with Eleven2 after problems with my old host, Eleven2 has incredibly fast servers, professional support, and many features such as their iPhone application. Upgrading from my old host to Eleven2 was probably the best choice I’ve made with hosts yet. There just aren’t that many good hosts out there that you can rely on anymore.

Donald Jr★★★★

Hi. I’ve had active services with this company for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier. This company has the #1 Support in the industry, and I’ve been with SMALL company’s, and LARGE company’s, and in-between company’s, none of them have provided the level of service, and support that E2 has provided me. They are doing there thing, and I love it.

I even had a accounting issue after my first month of being with them, and because I contacted them ahead of time they helped me out and made everything right, and good for me. They are a amazing provider and I suggest anyone looking for a good: Web Hosting, Cloud, Dedicated provider to check out E2 before you decide. You will not regret it 🙂

Webmaster Ink★★★★★

So after moving around from 2-3 hosts, we finally found the perfect host! This time we decided to pay alot more then standard hosting providers and go for something where we would have to stretch our budget, the support & network is great and have not found anything better even after 5+yrs in the industry! Proudly hosted at Eleven2!

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Digital Dreams★★★★★

I am kind of new to Eleven2 but there site has given me a total piece of mind. How? They have been A+ supportive since i have the account with them. Plus easy to use client section, and the cPanel. In the past i’ve had really bad services with other companies. But over all this is a super company!


My past hosting experiences have been…not too great. It’s either the price is WAY too much, the support sucked, or the actual hosting was overall lacking. After 3 other hosts, I’ve found eleven2. They have fast servers, amazing support (24/7 too!), and decently-priced hosting plans. I recommend eleven2 hosting to everyone!

Marty Lavender★★★★★

I have been with Eleven2 several times. I recently returned after scouring the internet for a new host. For the price you pay; the feature set is next to none. No one can offer what E2 does for the same price.

Michael Davies★★★★★

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with this web provider. Servers have non stop uptime, fast and low latency, instant support whenever needed, and easy to get shell access even on non private servers.


I have been using Eleven2 since Spring 2009 and I have to say, I have never been in better hands, hosting wise. I run my own blog, a corporate portfolio website, a fashion website, numerous other portfolio websites for friends & family and I use my hosting for sharing files with others.

In the 2 years I’ve been with Eleven2, m y websites have N-E-V-E-R been down. I have a fantastic package which includes UNLIMITED server space and bandwidth and pretty much UNLIMITED features. The package is called S-300 and I would recommend it to ANYONE who wishes to make a bit of cash creating 1 or 2 websites for people and hosting their own websites.

Eleven2 support is second to none. I rarely need support, but when I do, the Chat Support is extremely helpful and fast! – The guys are very knowledgeable and if they don’t know the answer to a query immediately (Which again, is rare) they set up a ticket for you and get somebody else to help out.

I’ve just paid for another year of hosting with Eleven2 and I can honestly say, it’s the best $96.00 I’ll spend all year!

My final verdict would have to be:

If you want professionalism, up time, rapid support response time, feature rich services and EARN money back through affiliation as well; Then look no further than Eleven2!

Terry Weaver★★★★★

I know they say everything is better in Texas, I can tell you this: hosting from eleven2 sure is! I have been with eleven2 for over 5 years now and any issue that I have had has been immediately taken care of buy their great customer service. I highly recommend them to you. They are a great company run by great people passionate about what they do. Chances are if you try another host you will end up back at e2.

J Lauria★★★★★

Being the President/Owner of Wicked Dezign, a web design agency from Long Island, New York; I have been a customer of many hosting companies, for myself and my clients needs. I started the journey with Go Daddy. I wasn’t happy with them so I tried Arvixe. (They were worse than Go Daddy).

After that A colleague of mine referred me to Web Fusion. In the past 3 months, I have called Web Fusion with problems so often that I have them on speed-dial. On my search for a decent hosting company, I found Eleven2 while reading a web design blog. I did some research and heard that they are known for their customer service.

I checked out their website and figured I’d give them a try. So far so good. I haven’t had to call them with any problems, and I can honestly say that i’m very happy. One thing I have noticed right away is that the speed of transferring files via FTP is much faster than any other hosting company that I’ve been with. And the fact that they have their own iPhone app is pretty cool.

James Pickens★★★★★

I’ve been with many hosts ranging from a spread of start-up hosts to some of the big contenders such as Mediatemple and Hostgator. Eleven2 surpasses them in my book. It is very easy when you are on the rise and having such great success to turn into a corporation instead of remembering your customers are why you’re here.

Eleven2 provides an excellent hosting opportunity along with great and quick support. I’ve had all my tickets responded and fixed with in a matter of minutes and they even have a forum available for the less important of topics and issues. Definitely recommend them to anyone.


I’m a new customer, but I can say from now that I love Eleven2. With a low cost web hosting (S-200 web hosting) I’ve got an amazing service: unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains, email accounts. Full MySQL control, redirects, FTP accounts.. 99.9% uptime, backup, etc. I tested some of my web application (also CodeIgniter PHP’s framework, that gave me a lot of problems with many hosting): all works fine!

I needed to contact support three or four times (my english isn’t really good and I’m not a domains and DNS expert and cPanel..); I contacted Eleven2’s support on chat and by ticket: it’s really efficient and resolutive. In my opinion, it seems to be really a great service.


I signed up because they accept unverified PayPal and I am a student without a credit card. I had no problems with uptime and reliability. But, when you ask for support they will take a day or two to fix the problem.


As a web developer we’ve had to use many different web hosts on various client projects, but if ever given the opportunity to suggest a service to use, we pick eleven2 every time. E2 is reliable, inexpensive hosting that holds nothing back. I find that similarly priced services often offer extra services or custom panels that are promoted to be an improved service, but often just get in the way. At eleven2 you’re given options and they’re adding things all of the time, but none of the additions have ever changed or complicated the way I run my business, which in the end saves me time and money. And when I do have a problem, their knowledgeable support staff is quick and efficient. Even when I’m stressed and likely less than friendly, they fix the problem with grace. All around a great service provider.

Tim Scott★★★★★

Eleven2 is a nice company that I have ever dealt with. They have nice group of people working. They offer quick and fast reply to your ticket and make certain that the customers are satisfied with services. Though it is not a top web host available in the marketplace, it is quite nice to get the services from.

What I felt was good about this company was that the guys at the support team were down to earth and helping. I will recommend this web host for those who are beginners and wish to get reasonable and cheap web hosting services. I even like their live chat option.

Dora Rahman★★★★★

Eleven2 is one hosting company that has given me what I wanted- the total contentment. Eleven2 did not rip me off my money and yes, it did answer my calls and replied to my mails. This web hosting company provided me quality hosting and surely I agree that it is a wonderful hosting company. I found out that amongst a lot of web hosting companies in niche, Eleven2 has offered me positive experiences.


With a solid reputation since quite a time now, I have been using the hosting services from Eleven2 since its very establishment. First I was a bit hesitant to take the services of a newly launched company but what I found is that the web host truly excelled in every field- be it uptime guarantee, special packages, discounts, prices, customer service or anything else.

Surely, there were some problems faced last year due to some technical issues, but the representatives handles all my queries with great concern and this has made me stick to them without any thoughts of changing my hosting provider.

With 30GB disk space and 300 GB of bandwidth, Eleven2 is not like other hosts that offers the free domain. But it certainly provides the option of unlimited sub domains. Even the 60 days money back scheme is worth noticing, though I have never used it but it still can help the new customers to check the services and in case they do not like, they can get their money back.

Girts Kizenbahs★★★★★

Excellent moving to E2. Great customer support. Always servers up and running! Thanks!

Benjamin Halliday★★★★★

I have been using Eleven2 since the beginning of the year and I have yet to have any problems at all. They are amazingly quick at getting you set up.

Thomas Hall★★★★★

I have been with E2 now for coming up 3 years and I have never had a bad experience. Their support is second to none, in my 3 years I have had 100% uptime and been treated as an individual, valued customer from the support team.

I would never go to any other hosting company again. E2 have set the standard of what a truly professional hosting company delivers.

I have an unlimited package and I currently host around 14 different websites, all managed within one easy-to-use cPanel and the peace of mind that I have a professional team of technical support gurus on standby if I ever need them!

Thank you E2, good service brings long custom. And I intend on staying for a while yet!

Andrea De Stefani★★★★★

The best hosting service that I ever used: great compromise of cheap and service quality. Different plans for every need and really an amazing tech and commercial support team.

Darrell Yeoman★★★★★

You guys have been awesome. I switched over from a reseller account at HostGator, and I’ve been really impressed. There were only a few hiccups along the way, and your support guys were friendly and quick to get everything in working order. You guys rock!!

Christopher Jackson★★★★★

We have been with Eleven2 for a couple of months and have had no issues at all! They transferred our site from our old host within minutes with out any issues and their was no downtime at all during the transfer, our site is loading very quick and can’t say anything bad! Amazing support, speed and stability.

Wassim Bourguiba★★★★★

I love eleven2 because they took the time to make an awesome design, user friendly control panel & cool iPhone app. Oh, and by the way, web hosting science has no secrets for them.

Kevin Paquet★★★★★

I’ve been with Eleven2 for about 1-2 years already. Never had any major downtimes nor issues. There’s no way I’ll go elsewhere for my hosting needs. Looking for both quality and affordable hosting can be really tricky – but it usually ends up with your site hosted at Eleven2!

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